Stories of the Fearless Dragon Running Team available in English now


Earlier this month, the Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Society published the English version of the book The Legend of the Fearless Dragon Running Team. Funded by the EOC’s Community Participation Funding Programme on Equal Opportunities, the publication presents a collection of life stories told by runners with visual challenges and guide runners with hearing challenges, who share their ups and downs as they overcome life’s adversities and build a sense of self-worth and confidence through endurance running. The book also records the thoughts of team members without disabilities, who have developed not only a stronger sense of empathy, but also more insight into how the relationship between people with and without disabilities needs to be built on equality and mutual support, without which no progress can be made.

The Fearless Dragon Running Team was founded by the Chief Executive of HKNPIS Mr Kim MOK Kim-wing, MH in 2010 with the aims of strengthening members’ physique through athletic training, boosting their self-confidence and expanding their social network. The name “Fearless Dragon” derives from the homophonic words for “blind” and “deaf” in Cantonese. The running team consists of visually and hearing-impaired members. Through running and hiking, they spread the spirit of not giving up and promote inclusive running. 

Members of the public may read The Legend of the Fearless Dragon Running Team on HKNPIS’s website. The organisation has also arranged audio versions of the book to cater for the blind and those with visual impairment.  

Source: E-news - Equal Opportunities Commission (